6 Reasons Claiming Your Google Business Listing is 100% Necessary

6 Reasons Claiming Your Google Business Listing is 100% Necessary

Business spend a lot of time optimizing their websites for Google. But there’s much more to Google than than a search platform and online directory. Through “Google My Business”, Google offers businesses several tools to better reach and stay engaged with their consumers. Google My Business is a directory of any and all businesses, with contact information, reviews, and links to social channels. These features can help both customers and businesses alike.

If you’re new to Google My Business, this is what you need to know about the platform:

Customers can contact you faster. Google Business accounts allow you to add a phone number, address, and website. It allows consumers to contact you directly rather than searching through your website for the information. This helps especially on mobile devices if customers want directions to your store or a number to call and ask questions.

Avoid false information about your company. Anyone can claim a Google Business account, whether or not they are a member of the company. While this is rare, it’s possible, especially if another business has a similar name to yours. Claiming the Google My Business account name for your business under a generic company email will protect you from someone else taking your name.

Increase visibility of business reviews. Consumers usually read reviews on a product or service before making a purchase. If they’re trying to make a quick decision (such as which restaurant or hair salon to go to in an hour), they would prefer to compare reviews on Google rather than searching individual websites. Creating a Google My Business account allows customers to read and give public feedback on their experiences with your company.

Find out who’s searching for you. Google My Business has an Insights section, which gives you stats on your visibility, engagement and audience. Much like Facebook’s Insights, Google allows you to compare who is visiting your page most often, and what terms they search to find your business. Google Insights can better prepare you to create an AdWords campaign.

Connect your Google Account to AdWords. To create AdWords campaigns, you have to have a Google My Business account. AdWords can help you increase visibility in the search engine, and allows you to collect additional data on your target market. AdWords is the most popular pay-per-click advertising platform, and can be a highly effective form of paid digital marketing.

Be seen at the top of Google searches. Google My Business listings appear above organic search results for local searches. One third of google searches are for local businesses, and 50 percent of those who search visit a store that same day. You can rank at the top of local results by setting up your Google My Business account in just ten minutes.

To learn more about creating a Google My Business and utilizing it for digital marketing, visit the Tucker/Hall Resource Center.

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